Black Hawk County Health Department COVID-19 Update

May 29, 2020

Over the past 11 weeks, Black Hawk County Health Department, along with community partners, hosted regular press briefings to provide COVID-19 updates to the media and public. Due to the local COVID-19 situation beginning to stabilize and the rate of new information and recommendations slowing, Black Hawk County Health Department will be transitioning out of hosting regular press briefings but will remain ready to provide information as needed. Press briefings will now be held on an as-needed basis. When held, the press briefings are live-streamed on the Black Hawk County Health Department Facebook page and are available to our media partners for sharing. The briefings are also posted on the Black Hawk County COVID-19 website. Summaries and videos for each press briefing are available on the website as well.

Please remember COVID-19 is still spreading within Black Hawk County. People continue to become ill and are at risk to be hospitalized and die from this disease. Therefore, we ask the public to stay vigilant and continue to practice prevention activities. This includes staying home when possible, social distancing, wearing a mask in public, washing your hands frequently, and staying home when sick.  It’s important that our residents do their part to protect themselves and the community from COVID-19.

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