02032021_Press Release_Area Health Organizations Warn of Potential Scams Related to Vaccine Distribution

February 3, 2021
Area health organizations warn of potential scams related to vaccine distribution

As members of the community are contacted to schedule vaccination appointments, it is important to remain vigilant and be aware of potential scammers trying to obtain personal information. You may receive phone calls, texts or emails claiming to have information about the vaccine in exchange for personal information. While it is important to schedule your vaccine, it is also important to know the difference between a health care provider and potential fraud.

MercyOne, Peoples Community Health Clinic, and UnityPoint Health are reaching out to patients to schedule appointments for those who are eligible per guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Health care organizations will:

  • contact current patients who are eligible to be vaccinated
  • verify your age and date of birth
  • ask for your Medicare number, if applicable
  • ask for insurance information

It is possible a health care provider will need to verify your social security number. We may also leave a message or send an email asking you to contact us. Health care organizations will never ask for your credit card number or bank information.

As a general reminder, be cautious when clicking links you receive in text messages or email messages. Do not open an email attachment if you are not sure what it is.

On the phone, if you are suspicious someone is facilitating a scam, hang up the phone.

Our local health care providers are working to make sure you receive your vaccine and we will be patient in this process. A scammer may not be!

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