Current Black Hawk County Status:


14-Day Avg.
Percent Positive
PCR and Antigen Positive
Serology Positive
(Antibody Testing)
Recovered Cases
NOTICE: Data Changes

In an effort to provide more information to the public regarding COVID-19 cases, we are separating out the positive cases by testing type and adding data for recovered cases.

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10/28/2020 Black Hawk County COVID-19 Update
10/28/2020 Black Hawk County COVID-19 Update

News & Updates

12/03/2020 Black Hawk County School Reopening Guidelines

The Black Hawk County Health Department has updated guidance to reflect the alternative COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines.

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*Press Release* 12032020_Black Hawk County Health Department Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance

On December 2, 2020 the CDC issued updated guidelines that provide alternatives to the 14 day quarantine period following an exposure to COVID-19.

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What you should do:

Avoid Social Gatherings.

Limit Trips to Essential Errands.

Stay at Home as Much as Possible.

Follow Self-Isolation Guidelines.

Practice Social Distancing.

Wear a Face Covering when in Public.